If you are looking for some free SEO advice – if you are running a website on a very small shoestring – then install the Yoast SEO plugin.

XML sitemaps – Tell Search Engines the Structure

Yoast will automatically create an XML sitemap. That is a sitemap that search engines like Google and Bing use. Here is one of my customers’ XML sitemaps. It might not be a thrilling read for a person but it gives search engines useful information about the type of ‘posts’ that are on the website, e.g. pages, posts, events, authors, templates, products, product, categories and then lists all of each post type.
Have a look here: https://beaconalpacas.co.uk/sitemap_index.xml

SEO Page titles and descriptions – Tell search engines about what is on a page

Yoast makes it easy to change the page title and description for each page on your site. The page title is not seen on the page – though you see it in the tab in a browser. This page title for this website home page is “Beacon Alpacas | Alpaca Walks • Alpacas for Sale UK • Alpaca Wool” and the description is “Walk through the Yorkshire Dales with Alpacas. Buy Alpaca knitwear. Alpacas for Sale UK. Alpaca Breeders. Seen on TV. Yorkshire VET.”
beacon alpacas seo title


Here is the page title showing in the tab, when you hover on it

beacon title


The page title usually appears here in search results and the description below. Here the description has not been used by Google. It has picked up something else instead.

page title in results


FREE SEO Analysis – Free tips to improve SEO on each page.

Yoast also gives free SEO analysis on each page. This says what you are doing right and what you could do on the page to help you on search engines. It might tell you to link to an external website that is relevant to what you are saying, or mention your key words more. To see these suggestions, you go to the page in the dashboard, scroll down and click on SEO Analysis.

seo beacon alpacas


Improve Readability

Yoast also gives tips on how to make your content more readable. Search engines can tell how long someone stays on your page. That will depend if they found what they want, which in turn will depend on if your content is easy to read. Like with SEO analysis, simply scroll down the page in the dashboard admin area for that page and click on the readability tab.


SEO advice

I do not specialise in SEO though I know how the basics work well. Feel free to ask though and I will happily share what I know. I also recommend the following company. PA Marketing.

Again, here is the link for the FREE  Yoast SEO plugin.

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